Individuality is what makes for success and standing out from the crowd.

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Confidence in interviews can be learned. It then becomes a life skill.


We focus specifically on preparation for interviews,

and on the communication skills for putting across ideas and viewpoints.  


We help people of all ages - from teenage school pupils or students to senior professionals and executives.

Our areas of expertise ...

Houses of Parliament

Helping individuals

The selection process for any important placement usually involves an interview at some stage.

We help foster confidence and encourage you to see the interview as an opportunity, not a trial.

We probe professional knowledge and we encourage you to demonstrate your intellectual curiosity, motivation, drive and determination to your interviewers.

Interviews are never wholly predictable. There is no single magic technique to guarantee success. However, what is certain is that beyond groomed presentation, the interviewers are looking for innovative thinking and questioning intellect.

We challenge some of the anecdote and perceived mystique associated with interviews. We explain and stress the need for focused and methodical preparation as one of the key ingredients of success. We promote use of clear English, stemming from lucid thought and careful expression. Self-presentation is an important ingredient.

These qualities will help the candidate in many circumstances beyond the interview itself, where communications skills are important and the individual needs to put across his or her case.




Our methodology

A typical individual session might take this form:

a) Review of the candidate's CV or application forms against the job specification or stated requirements, to confirm that the essential points are covered and to see how to include the stronger ones in discussion.

b) Discussion of principles and objectives, including personal concerns for the forthcoming interview; stocktaking and selling oneself; researching and preparing on what the interviewers may be looking for; the types of question and methods of questioning; first impressions, appearance and attitude.

c) Several practice interviews will be recorded on DVD. These will start with short exchanges and increase in duration, with analysis of each playback also recorded.

d) A closing discussion to summarise the lessons identified.

(e) The recording on DVD, will be handed over at the end of the session and written notes will be sent as a follow-up.




Higher education

Apart from individual interview sessions, DUO spends several months each year working at a number of schools and colleges across the country in both the state and private sectors. These include several of those at the very top of the academic spectrum.

We supplement the work of careers staff by providing interview guidance for 6th Formers, with individual sessions.

This work at schools and colleges is geared to the preferences of parents or staff, but may include:

1) An introductory presentation for all, before the practical sessions, with a key points aide memoir;

2) Practical individual sessions as agreed with the Careers or HE Advisors. For example:

  • A 20-minute straight-through subject interview, followed by an informal 10-minute debrief, or;
  • A two-phased session, also lasting 30-minutes but with two pauses for discussion and debrief, or;
  • A competencies-based interview, appropriate for the jobs market or Gap year projects, etc, or;
  • Three or four Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMI), as for medical or veterinary candidates.
  • (if wished, programmes conclude with small-group informal tutorials, to share lessons).

3) All interviews and individual debriefs (apart from the group tutorials, if chosen) are recorded onto a personal DVD, handed over to the subject immediately, then followed-up with a written report.


In business

In business, we work with and for people of all ages and experience.

DUO can support company HR staff in their shortlisting, interviewing and selection of applicants.

We can provide help for executives and managers in presenting their presentation or speech in the best manner.

We can advise and recommend to candidates known skilled companies for mentoring and career advice.


About Us


Who we are

We are a mixed-age team with many backgrounds and skills: teachers, business trainers, specialist mentors and coaches for young persons; graduates (including Oxbridge), with practical experience of business and government.

Interview guidance and communication skills have been DUO's prime business for over 25 years.

We cater for a broad spectrum - from mature job seekers to teenagers facing their very first interview.

We can work with either individual sessions at our office or a combination of group and individual tutorials at clients' premises.

We normally use one male and one female interviewer together. This can give the best balance and objectivity for the candidate.



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Appointment Location

We are based in Wiltshire but we hold sessions at various locations throughout the UK.